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CMS Mobile Healthcare Solutions

“Your Work. Our Support. Your Health. Our Mission.”

Capitol Medical Service’s occupational safety and health division provides customized programs designed with the goal of improving the safety and health of your workers while preventing unnecessary workers compensation claims and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordables.

Why Choose CMS to solve your business’s health needs?

Our comprehensive mobile healthcare solutions are tailored to solve any medical requirements our partners may have. Our team of certified experts can provide quality on-site care, from one of our mobile lab units, or straight to your employees homes. Our comprehensive Health Software and Patient Portal allows you to easily view and monitor both your own health and the health of your workforce. Contact our servicing team and learn more about how we can help you maintain a healthy and efficient workforce.

Our Mobile Occupational Healthcare Solutions Include:


With the Capitol Medical Service (CMS) Occupational First-Aid program, we provide medical staff specially trained in occupational safety and health. CMS occupational first-aid providers respond to any on-site medical emergency, assess the patient for appropriate course of action, and provide care within the OSHA’s definition of first aid. If the patient meets appropriate criteria, CMS will provide follow-up treatment for the patient to monitor and document their progress for up to 14 days. During this time, CMS will work in cooperation with the client’s safety team to ensure the patient receives the medical care that they need without having to open a workers compensation case or becoming an OSHA recordable.

If an injury occurs, CMS will have the patient complete the Texas First Report of Injury form at the time of injury. All assessments, care, and progress are documented in our patient care reports. This will benefit our clients because, unlike sending the patient to an outside provider or calling 911, our records can be made available to the client in real time. This provides the client with up to date information on the health status of the injured worker and their recovery progress.

With the Occupational First-Aid program, CMS provides all of the necessary equipment and protocols to provide treatment under OSHA’s definition of first aid, including approved over-the-counter medications and an AED. No additional care beyond first aid is provided with this plan. This limits the ability of the provider in common emergencies that may require advanced care.


All of the same features of the Occupational First Aid program are provided with the Basic Life Support program. This program provides certified EMTs and Paramedics specially trained in occupational safety and health. It provides secondary protocols and equipment that go beyond the OSHA definition of first aid. This includes oxygen and medications for common emergencies such as breathing difficulty, chest pain, allergic reactions, and more advanced options for airway management and treatment of traumatic injuries.

While the provider understands the need to remain within the first aid scope of practice for occupational injuries, if practical, this option gives them more ability to treat potentially life threatening emergencies and provide basic care for non-occupational complaints as well.

This option is the minimal recommendation for work areas where an ambulance may take 10 minutes or more to respond to an emergency.


All the same features of the Occupational First-Aid and Occupational Basic Life Support program plus advanced capabilities. This program provides certified Paramedics who in addition to being specially trained in occupational safety and health are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and advanced traumatic care. The scope of care provided at this level is equivalent to having an ambulance on site and would eliminate the need to call an ambulance in most situations unless an immediate life threatening situation presents and emergent transport is necessary. This level of care would allow the paramedic to evaluate and treat any emergency on site and includes the ability to administer IV fluids and medications, evaluate and treat various cardiac conditions, and provide pain management to traumatic injuries.

This option is recommended for high risk working and rural environments where an advanced life support ambulance may take more than 15 minutes to arrive in an emergency. This option is also ideal if you want to limit 911 calls that are subject to public information requests.

MOBILE FLU SHOTS Immunizations (Mobile Flu Shots)

Capitol Medical Service has an on-site immunization program where any necessary immunizations can be provided at the location and time of your choice. Some of the most common adult vaccinations provided include:

Seasonal Influenza
Hepatitis B
Meningococcal (Protects against meningitis)
Pneumococcal (Protects against pneumonia)


This option provides experienced medical providers who are cross trained to function in both medical and safety roles. Safety medics can address all your health and safety needs with all levels of care. Our OSHA certified medics have OSHA 30 Department of Labor cards in both general industry and construction. In addition to managing injuries and illness, our medics can reduce these occurrences with site specific safety audits and permit programs. If an incident does occur, our specialists can perform and/or assist with start to finish case management including incident investigation, root cause analysis, OSHA reporting requirements, and correction of any deficiencies to prevent future incidents.

Here’s A Few More Ways We Can Help!

On-Site Care

On-Site Care & Management Means the Patient can be Continuously Treated & Monitored for Progress and Compliance Without Having to Leave the Worksite
Fewer OSHA Recordables
Reduced Workers Compensation Claims & Premiums
Increase Efficiency & Reduce Accidents

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